Exploded Planes

Exploded Plane (747), 2015

You may find quite a few images of 'exploded planes' on here. I think it has been an obsessive fascination of mine for a long time. But that is hardly surprising when you consider that two of the most significant news events in my lifetime have involved dramatic crashes. I refer to Lockerbie in 1988 and 9/11 in 2001. What links them and keeps them ever present in my mind is the enormous injustice attached to these tragedies. Whatever picture you may have formed of the causes and background to them there is absolutely no denying that there has been great obfuscation on the part of the authorities. Which can only lead to the conclusion that there are things to hide.

Lockerbie was on my doorstep as a young art student in Dundee and with a family home in Glasgow. I recall a journalist friend, Sandy Bell, coming back and telling us over Christmas of his horrendous experience at the site.

9/11 found me at home in London. I had been a frequent visitor to New York as part of 1990s art scene. I think this is the inspiration for my tendency to deform and shatter architectural 3D models. Downloaded free building models are imported and broken up into abstracted fragments which provide and endless source of fascination in the way the individual parts fall, catch the light and create gorgeous shadows. There has been much made of certain artists' (Hirst and Stockhausen) reaction to the event but I think they merely state what we all must feel; the spectacle is unprecedented and darkly aesthetic. It is artists who dare to say what we all secretly feel and there is no point in punishing them for it.

I am interested in another type of 'exploded plane', namely the broken symmetry of the 2D surface. It is just a little pun, not really intended.